Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School

Since having school-aged children, we've always lived on the East Coast and in states that started school around Labor Day.  Now that we've moved to Colorado, they do things differently here--like starting school mid-August!  To me, that's crazy, especially since I always told my oldest "you never have to worry about going to school on your birthday".  Little did I realize that she'd start school the day after her birthday!  Next year I'm worried she'll start ON her birthday!!  
This school year, I am doing something completely different than we have ever done in the past.  I will be sending my oldest to traditional school and homeschooling my 7th grader as well as doing pre-k with my youngest!  I've never sent one to school and kept one home, but due to bullying and not getting the education with her learning, we felt it best to go back to homeschool. 
On Tuesday, my other daughter started her first day of 10th grade at the local high school.  Unlike her sister, she was able to stand her ground at her new school.  She has received a special scholarship at her high school that allows her to take AP and Honors classes that count towards college credits, as well as the local community college is bringing in professors to teach about 10 students in the school, giving them college credits.  When she graduates, she will not only graduate with a high school diploma, but she will graduate with an associates degree and a $16k scholarship to finish her bachelors at the local community college. We are very excited for this opportunity and her drive to do so well in school! 
Pixie Pocket v.66 by Neverland Scraps (coming soon)
School Mates Bundle by Dream Big Designs
I'll be back later this week with a post about my new release this Friday!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Template Challenge

That's right, Neverland Scraps is hosting a template challenge over at GingerScraps!!  If you haven't done so, head on over to Template Challenge #2 in the Challenge Forum at GingerScraps and pick up Pixie Plate #316 as well as play along in other challenges, earning a free collab along the way!  It's a win-win!!

And this is how I scrapped Pixie Plate # 316 using Neverland Scraps Mr. Anger


Friday, August 12, 2016

Pixie Pocket v.52 - v.56

Just a little something this week from Neverland Scraps.  Between computer issues, family in for an extended period of time, birthdays and school starting, there hasn't been much time to be able to get on the computer and create.  However, Neverland Scraps released Pixie Pocket v.52 - v.56 this new release Friday!!

Friday, August 05, 2016

New Release Friday

I love new release Fridays!  I wish it happened every day, but I know designers can't keep up with a daily release. I get so anxious and excited when I see new product; it's like it is Christmas or my birthday!! 
This week, Neverland Scraps released not one, but THREE Pixie products!!!  Let's get right to it, shall we?
I love that there is a little something for almost every scrapping style.  If you struggle with finding or creating the perfect cluster, there's Pixie Builder {clusters v.37 - v.40}.  If you enjoy pocket style scrapping and need more inspiration, there's Pixie Plate {v.49 - v.52} and if you are like me, a traditional scrapper, you'll enjoy Pixie Plate # 320 - # 323! 

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

MouseScrappers Template Challenge

Neverland Scraps has donated Pixie Plate #318 to MouseScrappers for Template Challenge #258.  If you want to pick up a freebie, why not head over to MouseScrappers and play along with some of the challenges as well as pick up Pixie Plate #318 while you are there!

Hurry, this challenge only lasts for a few more days!