Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Love For Templates Blog Hop

Welcome, welcome!  You should have come from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  If so, I'd love to welcome you!  It's been a while since you saw me posting to my blog!  That's right, all of Neverland Scraps products, news, releases, coupons and freebies are found in Neverland Scraps Facebook Group.  It's the easiest way to stay connected.  No more blog posts or newsletters to read.  Nope you can stop by the group when you are surfing Facebook!  

A few months ago I joined an amazing group, A Love For Layout Templates where you can share your layout and the template that you used in a post.  It's an amazing place for creative teams to show off their layouts and their designers products as well as a place for awesome inspiration and meet new to you designers!  I love how busy and inspirational the group is with every post.  Then I discovered that this group has a spin-off group of several template designers where every couple of weeks they have a blog and Facebook train/hop.  So I joined the group and joined the hop this month so that I can share my pixie plates and meet new people!!

I'm so excited about this blog hop and templates that I've made for you. 
That's right, there is more than one template that I'd like to share with you during this hop!  

So how do you get both of these templates?  

You will be able to get Pixie Plate #376 in this blog post
This template is available in
psd, tiff, page and individual 

**Thank you for participating in the blog hop
The link is no longer available**

**these links will only be available during the month of July**

To get Pixie Plate #377,
you will have to join Neverland Scraps Facebook Group
This template is available in
psd, tiff, page and individual 

Once there, feel free to look around and download the few freebies that are still active in the group.  If you create a layout using one of these templates or another Neverland Scraps products, please feel free to post it in the group!  We love seeing how Neverland Scraps products are used and being inspired by other projects as well as you get freebies and coupons along the way!  

Okay, so enough with Neverland Scraps. 
How do you get to the next template?
Please follow this link to 

If you get lost along the way, here's a master copy of all the designers participating in A Love for Layout Templates blog & Facebook hop/train:
Throwing Some Scraps Around
Neverland Scraps  >
Missmel Templates
**Remember we are all on different time zones around the world.
If a template is not posted when you go to that blog, please be patient.
Go to the next blog and come back at a later time/date.
It will be posted and you will have time to download the templates**

Until next time.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Independence Day

We're celebrating Independence Day with a 50% off sale on all of Neverland Scraps Freedom products.  You can buy them individually or buy the bundle.  Either way, every piece is 50% off

You can find all of Neverland Scraps Freedom products by clicking this link.
The sale will run from today through July 6, 2017.

Until next time.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Moving to Facebook

I have decided to move all news, coupons and freebies to Neverland Scraps Fan Club group on Facebook.  Unless the freebie is specifically for a blog-hop, which I will participate from time to time, all freebies will be posted on Facebook.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused any, but with the way that social media is going, it seems to be moving away from blogging and more towards other venues of social media like Facebook Groups. 
You can find my facebook group by following THIS LINK

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sketch Challenge Layouts

During the DSD weekend, I noticed at midnight, Sweet Shoppe Designs Facebook page would post a 24-house sketch challenge, for a chance to win $15.00.  Seeing as they were usually posted around 10pm, my time, I had plenty of time to scrap late at night, rather than during the daytime.
I am excited that I scrapped all three sketch-challenges and I really love how the layouts turned out!
So if you were counting, I did thirteen layouts for the DSD Bingo Challenge and 3 layouts for the Sketch Challenge, bringing my total to 16 layouts completed from Saturday morning through Monday evening.  Like I said, I don't think I've ever scrapped that many layouts in such a short timeframe!  Now to hunker down and do something off my computer for a day or two to give my fingers and hands a break from the computer! 
*click on layout for credits*
Well that is about all I have for you today.
Just a few layouts, but a whole lot of beauty for my album!

Day Three

I really milked Day Three of scrapping.  I had a lot to do, a lot of catching up and the biggest thing to do was homeschooling.  While I love to scrap and design, my children are number one.  I spent a good portion of my day homeschooling my children.  I really only homeschool the middle, where I follow the state's guidelines of homeschooling.  However I work on pre-school with my three-year old.  He's so hit or miss, but he's learning!  Just today he showed me the letter "N" and was picking out all the "R"'s in a sentence. 
I've officially completed all twelve layouts required to put your name in for the $100.00 gift card to Sweet Shoppe.  I'm really hoping my name is picked because I have a ton of things in my wishlist that I'd love to clear out and scrap in my future layouts.  If not, I love my layouts that I've created this weekend and am glad that I sat down and scrapped.  It's been a while since I scrapped a dozen layouts in 72-hours!
**click on layout for credits**
And if you are counting thirteen layouts, that's because I goofed on one of the layouts and told Libby that I would do it correctly, even though she said it wasn't necessary.  If I win, I wanted to make sure I won fair and square without cheating.  I just wanted to do it right, so the last two were the ones that I goofed up and the replacement for the goof!!
Whew, that was a lot of layouts!
What did you scrap this weekend?