Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are you a Whovian?

When Tracey released Loving the Doctor at ScrapMatters, when I was on the QC Staff, that was the first that I had heard of Doctor Who.  She said "watch the show", to which I tried, but never got in to it.  And every time I heard people talk about it, I zoned out.  ScrapMatters closed and everyone moved on.  Fast forward to this month and I now have not one, but TWO Whovians in our household!  Every time they bring up something Doctor Who-related, I try to listen, but for the most part still zone out.  I even tried sitting down to watch an episode or two, okay maybe a whole season, but I just cannot get in to the show!  But not my children, they are obsessed with Doctor Who.  This Christmas, it was all that my oldest got for presents!  She got a set of Doctor Who socks, a "Bad Wolf" pin as well as a few other Doctor Who related pins.  But her best and favorite gift was a Sonic Screwdriver.  You should have seen her zapping things around the house, looking for aliens!! 

Imagine my excitement, when I was browsing Tracey's store at GingerScraps and stumbled across Loving the Doctor!!  Of course I had to buy it and add it to my limited Doctor Who collection.  I finally had a kit that was scrap-worthy of my daughter's Christmas presents!!

As you can see, it SCREAMS Doctor Who, that is if you are true Whovian!!
So this weekend, as part of GingerScraps Mix It Up (May) Challenge, I scraplifted a kit I never used before and honestly may have "forgotten" about it until my daughter begged me to scrap her Whovian photos!! 
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I'm so excited that I stumbled across Tracey's kit and even more excited that I found a challenge to make me use the kit and in a way that I would never have thought to use the kit--in a PL-style layout!

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