Monday, June 15, 2015

Pixie Plate #296

One of my favorite things about designing is seeing how it was/is used!   When I was selling, I loved getting emails from customers sharing their latest project with something of mine.  I also loved being able to go through the store's gallery to see how customers used my product.  It gave me great joy to see those projects.  Pixie Plates always gave me the greatest enjoyment as I'd look through the gallery thinking "that's my template?"  and then be wow'ed at how the scrapper took the template and made it their own with altering the template by removing/adding photos or cluster differently than I had imagined.  That was probably my favorite memory about being an active designer and selling in a store--seeing how my designs were used.    So if you have used Pixie Plate #296, consider emailing me or posting her the link to your layout so I can see how Pixie Plate #296 gave you inspiration on your layout!!
I wanted to scrap with this template,
so I grabbed In the Stars Collection by Amber Shaw
When I saw this kit, I knew I needed to have it and scrap my daughter's 8th grade formal.  As I scrapped, the layout kept evolving and changing from one direction to another.  Originally I had four photos along the bottom, but I wanted to journal, so I removed two of those photos.  At the end of the night, this was my finished layout using Pixie Plate # 296
I love how this layout come together.  I love everything about it!
How have you used Pixie Plate # 296 or another Neverland Scraps product?

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