Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Calling all Whovians!

That's right, I'm calling you!!  Did you know that when you follow MouseScrappers Facebook Fan Page, you can get monthly freebies?  Yay!  This month I donated four Doctor Who inspired journal cards that you can use for all different projects!

I love these cards and I am not a Whovian in the least!!  However, these cards make me want to be a Whovian!! My girls are obsessed with all things Doctor Who, so this was fairly easy to make.  I just made these journal cards from things that I've heard my girls talk about.  About the only thing missing is perhaps the 10th doctor, but I really have no preference of a doctor since I really don't know anything about the show!
Anyways, you can download Doctor {journal cards} through MouseScrappers Facebook Fan Page here for a limited time.  At the end of the month, they will be gone!  Don't miss out!