Friday, August 19, 2016

Pixie Pocket {v.57 - v.60}

I'm still dealing with my computer issues.  Every day I think things are getting better and then I have a setback. Who knew a computer virus could cause so much havoc in your life?  My parents are in town and while they are here, my father, who is my computer technician, is also hoping to fix whatever is wrong with my computer!  I hope he's able to do it because I am at a loss anymore!!
I do have a release for you this week and I'm excited about Pixie Pocket {v.57 - v.60}
Just like all my new releases this one is on sale throughout the weekend!
I'm going to make this quick because my middle is coming home from her road trip and I have to finish making her bed for tonight, since I did her bedding this morning.  I'm off to do my motherly things for the day!  Have a great weekend!

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