Friday, September 16, 2016

Leaving a Legacy

This Sunday is Grandparents Day.  This is the first year that I am not able to celebrate Grandparents Day as my last living grandmother passed away the end of last year.   While this is a Hallmark holiday, it got me thinking about my grandparents.  What do I really know about them?  How did they meet?  What was it like growing up during the Great Depression or living through Korea, even Vietnam with their children going off to war?  I don't know these answers.  I know some of them, but I wish I knew more.  As I sat down, thinking about my grandmother, missing her, I was inspired to create a kit that you can use about leaving your legacy behind.  I'm not big on vintage, I struggle with it.  But Legacy was my attempt of vintage--or maybe it was just my way of honoring my grandparents who are no longer with us.
If you are a member of Neverland Scraps Facebook Group, check the group because there's a coupon to pick up Legacy {journal cards} for free, but only for a limited time!

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