Friday, September 09, 2016

Where Were You?

Every year I get older and every year my memory fades.  Every year I tell myself I am going to journal about my feelings and thoughts from the horrific attack America suffered on September 11th.  I was a new mother; my daughter was just 29-days old.  I remember holding her and crying as I watched the towers collapse.  I remember there being no cell service and the news telling people to stay off the phones so that loved ones can reach out to their friends/family at the location of the attacks.  I remember thinking, "Why New York? Why the Pentagon?  Why a field in Pennsylvania?"  On September 11th, I lost my innocence in this world and I knew fear, pain and suffering.  While I don't fully understand the meaning behind the attacks, I understand what it felt to hurt and to suffer with those you don't know.  I understand what it's like to pray with a complete stranger who was crying in the streets that they couldn't get a hold of their loved one.  That day has changed me, just like it changed millions across America and around the world! 
Because of my desire to journal my thoughts, leave my story behind to my children, grand-children, etc instead of them reading about the attacks in history books, I decided to create a mini that I could use to journal/scrap my feelings.  One thing lead to another and Where Were You was formed in to a collection that was too good to keep to myself.  Instead, I decided to upload it to my store so that others can journal their thoughts and feelings, leaving their story behind for future generations to read and learn through our first-hand experiences.
Here are just a few ways that myself and a few others have used Where Were You to document their thoughts and feelings from that horrific attack on America
Where were you on that September day?

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