Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Day Three

I really milked Day Three of scrapping.  I had a lot to do, a lot of catching up and the biggest thing to do was homeschooling.  While I love to scrap and design, my children are number one.  I spent a good portion of my day homeschooling my children.  I really only homeschool the middle, where I follow the state's guidelines of homeschooling.  However I work on pre-school with my three-year old.  He's so hit or miss, but he's learning!  Just today he showed me the letter "N" and was picking out all the "R"'s in a sentence. 
I've officially completed all twelve layouts required to put your name in for the $100.00 gift card to Sweet Shoppe.  I'm really hoping my name is picked because I have a ton of things in my wishlist that I'd love to clear out and scrap in my future layouts.  If not, I love my layouts that I've created this weekend and am glad that I sat down and scrapped.  It's been a while since I scrapped a dozen layouts in 72-hours!
**click on layout for credits**


And if you are counting thirteen layouts, that's because I goofed on one of the layouts and told Libby that I would do it correctly, even though she said it wasn't necessary.  If I win, I wanted to make sure I won fair and square without cheating.  I just wanted to do it right, so the last two were the ones that I goofed up and the replacement for the goof!!
Whew, that was a lot of layouts!
What did you scrap this weekend?

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